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Overview Academy ISEF Participants

For nearly twenty years, the Conroe ISD community has made a commitment to its parents and students and to science and technology. The Academy of Science and Technology is one vital part of this commitment.

Academy Vision: Graduates of the Academy of Science and Technology, a nationally-recognized learning community and college preparatory program, will be socially responsible citizens who make major contributions to the future.

Academy Mission: The Mission of the Academy of Science and Technology is to prepare students having a strong interest in mathematics, the sciences, and technology for success in college and life. We will provide a challenging and innovative program designed to develop student responsibility, motivation, and commitment to learning within an ethical learning community emphasizing trust and cooperation.

Academy Commitment: We commit that our mission, vision, and beliefs will drive our decisions set in a context of continuous improvement.


Academy Students
Academy students are the focus of our ethical learning community. They are committed to working longer and harder than their peers. They support each other and work collaboratively as well as individually. They participate in weekend, vacation, and summer activities, engage in academic competitions, and spend time in the summer involved in internships and enrichment courses.

Academy Teachers
Academy teachers are a group of dedicated professionals who are creative in their teaching strategies, open in their communications, innovative in their methods of instruction, and remarkable in their professional involvement. They develop strong relationships with their students and become partners with them to develop understanding, define success, and be successful.

Academy Parents
Parental involvement is the driving force behind the success of the Academy. An active parents' organization, P.A.S.T., plays a major role in all aspects of Academy life, from fund raising to academics to the annual Senior Banquet.

Academy Motto: TRIP


Why Did You Choose the Academy?

At the Academy I've had a lot of opportunities to do things I never would have been able to do. We've gone on trips and I've seen so many things. I'm really excited. It's been a lot of fun!
- Rebecca S. (9)

I'm a junior, and every year has gotten better for me. I've gotten to know my teachers better and my interest in learning science has increased. I know that in my career I want to do something in a scientific career.
- Suman T. (11)

Because of the extra courses and the challenging atmosphere of the Academy and the level of the courses I feel that I'm going to be more than well prepared for college.
- Molly H. (12)

The reason I came to the Academy was to get a better education in science. The classes that you take in the Academy are a little bit higher level and they challenge you a little bit more. The Academy brings out the best in you.
- Greg H. (10)

Being with the same group of students all four years has been wonderful. We are very close - like brothers and sisters.
- Michelle C. (12)

The thing I find to be most exciting about the Academy is that you are required to participate in an internship program, which helps you to decide on a career.
- Scott H. (12)

We have a closer relationship with our teachers than we would in the regular school environment.
- Amanda W. (11)

The Conroe ISD Academy of Science and Technology does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or disability in its admissions process.

For further information, contact: info@ast-cist.org

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